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This is an interactive list.  

add a founder who inspired you.

vote if you like founder. If you vote, we get an interview or even webinar with them for you and you get to ask important questions. We promise to let you know about coming interview, if you vote!

comment and let us know exactly what are you curious about their success, tools they have used and strategies.

share this list and we let girls conquer the world together!


words of encouragement for women

words of encouragement for women. Why do we need them so often?

They are never empowering enough compared to tools resources and true help that women need.

Words of encouragement for women – works when we are true to ourselves and say

that we want and that we can get it.

We want Change, we want opportunity, we want to be leaders in good change.

We have each other. We have all resources.

Skinoholist is both a symbol and community of fearless female entrepreneurs. 

There is a vision we are all born with. We all have big purpose. Unlock yourself today. There is no limit once you truly decide to work on your life and change life of others. There is only one person who can set limits. Its you.

Skinoholist founder created this with a hope that You, who is reading now this page will take action and use resources that were gathered in 1000 of hours.

You don’t need any support, you have Skinoholist and your big heart and passion. That is all you need now.

Feeling out of options? Opportunity recognition is not a skill we are born with. 

You can find tools that will make you see world around you full of opportunities.

What is holding you back? Fear, time, doubt? Then why are you holding on to them?

words of encouragement for women

                 is not a tool. Here you can find actual tools to pursue your happiness

Community is here for encouragement: follow us on Twitter, we are weekly on Periscope.

You have an amazing destiny. Start business today with your passion that you were born with.

You don’t need any knowledge, because all of the tools, resources, guidance is provided here.

Each step you take has an effect in your future. Words or your thought can only encourage, but all that matters are actions. Are you prepared to prove yourself? You matter to us all. Your actions matter to women around you.

Don’t seek an example and inspiration, become one.

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